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Complete Overview on our Hik Vision Express Kits

Hikvision EKI-KxxxD4xx Series 4K NVR Value Express Kits

This article explores the capabilities of our new Hik Vision Express Kits. The Hikvision EKI-KxxxD4xx Series 4K NVR Value Express Kits are cost-effective solutions for value-oriented users. Each kit is supplied with four, six, or twelve network cameras with 4 MP image sensors, and a 4-, 8-, or 16-channel 4K NVR in the same box. They offer up to 8 MP Resolution Recording Plug-and-Play with 6 PoE Cameras and Up to 2 SATA Interfaces.

The Camera Specs:

• 1/3" (4 MP) Progressive Scan CMOS

Progressive scanning is a method for displaying, storing or transmitting moving images in which all the lines of each frame are drawn in sequence.

*1/3" Progressive scanning offers good low-light performance with a high frame rate.

• 2688 x 1520 @ 30 fps

-Frames per second is the recording speed. 30FPS is considered real-time. Anything less there will be a blur with moving objects. When comparing the 8MP camera to the the 4MP camera, the 2688 x 1520 4MP camera had a much clearer image with moving objects.

* 2688 x 1520 @ 30 fps is a great middle of the road solution to capture moving option objects in real-time.

• 2.8 mm Fixed Lens

- A security camera lens size determines the field of surveillance view and zoom level that the camera provides.

- Field of View is the area, in width, that the lens will allow you to see.  If you hear the term “wide angle” then it will have a smaller lens, like 2.8mm.  This means just what it sounds like, the picture will be wider. 

*This lens is perfect for someone looking for a short distance wide view of an area, meaning you can cover a bigger perimeter with less cameras.

• Color: 0.018 Lux @ ƒ/1.6, AGC on), 0 Lux with IR

-Infrared security cameras operate with an automatic shift from full color to black and white video when lighting conditions drop at night.


High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC), or H.265, is a video compression standard designed to substantially improve coding efficiency

• IP67, IK10

IP67: means the unit can be dropped into a body of water up to a meter deep for half an hour, while IP68 guarantees protection in water up to 1.5m deep for the same period of time. Both are resistant to dust.

IK10 - Protected against 20 joules of impact (the equivalent to the impact of a 5kg mass dropped from 400mm above the impacted surface)

• 120 dB WDR

Using True WDR, cameras can produce images even under varying light . A WDR of range (120dB) can capture greater scale of brightness.


BLC: Black Light Compensation allows the camera to adjust the exposure of the entire image to properly expose the subject in the foreground. In images where a bright light source is behind the subject of interest, the subject would normally appear in silhouette.

DNR: Digital Noise Reduction is a method by which the camera's imager digitally removes noise from the image.

3D DNR: 3D DNR is a technology which enables noise to be filtered more effectively from the image, even in low light conditions. This results in clearer

ROI: Region of Interest. In real video surveillance, users typically concentrates on some specific monitored subjects, such as vehicle plate license, facial etc, however, the blue sky, lawn in the monitored area are not important. For these important regions, we called "regions of interest".

HLC: This stands for highlight compensation, camera can detect the strong spots (the over-exposure portion of image), then reduce the brightness of the strong spots to improve the overall images. This function is designed to allow camera capture vehicle plate license.

• Built-in MicroSD/SDHC/SDXC Card Slot, Up to 128 GB

This allows to store video within the unit.

• 3-Axis Adjustment

This gives you more flexibility on the camera's focal position.

The 4K NVR:

If the camera is the "eye" of your system, then the the NVR, AKA Network Video Recorder, is the "heart" of your system. The NVR is where you are going to be spending most of your time when you view and manage your system, so naturally it has to be easy to set up and easy to use. This recorder meets the "easy" specification. If the thought of setting up an IP camera system scares you, fret not as this will be the easiest system you will ever set up.

• Up to 8 MP Resolution Recording

Hi Definition recording and viewing.

• H.265+/H.265/H.264+/H.264/MPEG

High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC), or H.265, is a video compression standard designed to substantially improve coding efficiency

• Plug-and-Play with 4, 8, or 16 PoE Cameras

The kits are plug-n-play and can be set up quickly.

• Up to 2 SATA Interfaces

Professional Bulk Cable:

Go look at any other all in one surveillance kit that you see on the internet and you will notice that they always come with premade 60-100' cables. There isn't anything wrong with that, but the problem is that either the cable is too short or too long.

We sell a cable box kit that is a 1000' easy pull-box of UL & ETL Listed professional CAT5e "Installer Grade" black network cable. The cable is premium quality with solid copper conductors for efficient data transfer. Check those out here!


Our team is small, yet dedicated.The people that you talk to before the sale that helps you answer any questions that you may have will also be the same people who help you after the sale when you need tech support which makes for a very cohesive experience. In other words, you wont have to re-explain things over and over to 50 different inexperienced people whenever you call up here.

Shop our Hik Vision Camera Kits here!

Download the Hik Vision Spec Sheet Here

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