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5 Things You Might Want to Consider Before Purchasing a Security System

It’s a fact that you and your family feel safer with a professional security system, but there are additional eases and ways to save money with one installed. Before you buckle down and open the wallet to purchase one consider these next 5 elements a security system can offer you.

1. Did you know that you can save on your Home Premium and Insurance Deductible Reimbursement?

There are many home and business insurance providers that offer a discount on their insurance premiums if you have a monitored professional security system.


2. See who’s at your door from anywhere!

We carry a variety of video doorbells that will allow you to keep a watch over your home while your away or just hanging out in your bedroom. The ability to communicate with your guests using two-way technology allows you shew away unwanted guests or pleasantly greet wanted ones. Also, the ability to protect those online purchases from package pirates is now possible using video doorbells. Check out what we offer!

save money

2. Reduced Energy Use, Lower Utility Bills, and an Integrated Homecoming One of the easiest ways to prevent break-ins while you’re away is to remotely control lights and sound systems, making your home appear occupied. Controlling your lighting and other appliances can save energy too. Smart lighting devices, such as the Z-wave light bulb. and plug-in, allowing you to turn on or off lighting while controlling your energy use and avoiding the appearance of a deserted home.



3. Protection for your Pets During an Emergency

When you install monitored smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, your alarm monitoring provider can send for emergency personnel when you’re not home or are unable to call for help. A full-service home security provider that offers home automation, wireless home security, video cameras, a mobile app, and alarm monitoring provides benefits far beyond intrusion detection and protection from home break-ins. The ability to remotely control or set schedules for energy use create both comfort and savings that might surprise you! Today’s security and smart home devices also are more affordable than ever before. Plus, when you choose the right home alarm company, they often offer that help put money back in your pocket. Shop our camera systems!


4. The Value of Home Security

The real estate market seems to be making a comeback. Many people are looking to buy or sell a home and find the best deal possible. Maybe you’re one of the many people thinking about buying or selling a home, and about how much a home is really worth.Today’s real estate and mortgage agents and appraisers look into many factors when determining the value of a home. Location is, of course, a large factor in how valuable a property or home is. The surrounding houses, and size and condition of the home are other important pieces of the real estate value puzzle.


5. Peace of Mind

The final issue to keep in mind is that whether you’re buying a new home, selling a home or have lived in a neighborhood for 30 years, you can’t put a price on peace of mind and security. To know that your family and possessions are secure and under constant protection is something truly priceless. We need to keep what’s most important to you safe and secure is our primary goal and we believe the products that make our security possible should be affordable and accessible to anyone looking for peace of mind.

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