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Embedded Network Video Recorder, 32 Channel, ARM Processor, (2) RJ-45, 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet, 256 MB Flash Memory, 56 Volt DC, 2.32 Amp


PART # 722648



VIVOTEK’s ND9441 And ND9541 are the brand new H.265 Linux-based embedded standalone NVRs. Equipped for up to 16-CH/32-CH network cameras, the NVRs feature well-built ONVIF compliant And scalable configuration with VAST CMS empowering users to set up An d manage advanced IP surveillance systems with ease. Both NVRs also support remote And mobile access.



  • Plug and play one button auto setup
  • EZconnect by scanning QR code for 24/7 mobile viewing
  • Intuitive, elegant interaction UI, dual lan, RAID, fisheye dewarp, storyboard search, mobile EZ connect
  • Vivotek camera configuration and vast CMS integrated
  • Livand playback fisheye dewarp
  • Support RAID 0/1/5 storage
  • Story board event search
  • Up to 12MP camera liveview And playback
  • Dual lan network ports with failover function
  • ONVIF open platform
  • 8 TB x 4 HDD Max. capacity, Internal x 4 HDD devices, create, at and remove disk HDD S.M.A.R.T disk management, desktop form factor, power (front) / reset (back) operation buttons
  • Microsoft Windows OS XP/Vista/7/8/2008/2012, Intel celeron or above CPU, 2 GB or above memory, 10/100 Mbps ethernet, 1024x768 pixels o r above display resolution, Internet Explorer 10 (32 bit) or above web browser, installation wizard 2, ST7501, VAST software, EZConnect (iOS/Android), iViewer (iOS/Android) mobile/tablet App client PC requirements
  • Auto adaptive stream, 1x1, 1x3 (Corrid or View), 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, 1+5, 1+3, 1+12, 1+1+3 (1P), 1+3+3 (1P), 1+31 liveView display, OSD Display (NVR), OSD Display (Camera), camera information, remote I/O control, event notification, aspect ratio, fisheye dewarp (1O,1P,1R,1O3R, 1O8R) monitor enha ncement, panel control, direction control, home, iris, preset, patrol (group), pip control PTZ operation
  • 4 channels, 2 x 2 multiple layout display, regular (play, pause, stop), rewind, next / previous frame, speed control, calendar, event, timeline, ti meline scale, thumbnail (storyboard) playback control, by calendar, date/time, and alarm video search, listing the thumbnail of recorded video (Max. 2 CH), OSD display (camera), event notification, aspect ratio, pip control, fisheye dewarp (1o,1p,1r,1o 3r, 1o8r) monitor enhancement, JPEG snapshot, EXE video clip export
  • Stream selection, one way audio capability, 1x1, 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, 1+3, 1+5, 1+12, 1+31 multi layout display, OSD display (nvr), drag and drop, image freeze, audio control, remote i/o con trol, event notification, bookmark, fisheye dewarp (1o, 1p, 1r) monitor enhancement, panel control, direction control, home, zoom, focus, iris, preset, patrol (group), pip control operation, JPEG snapshot liveview (remote)
  • 4 channels, 1x1, 2x2, 1+3 mul ti layout display, regular (play, pause, stop), next frame, speed control, calendar, timeline, timeline scale, bookmark playback control, OSD display (nor), drag and drop, audio control, pip control, fisheye dewarp (1o, 1p, 1r) monitor enhancement, JPE

VIVOTEK | ND9541 | Embedded Network Video Recorder | 32 Channel

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