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TRIPLETT | 8073 
Triplett CamView IP Pro-D 8073 AHD, TVI, CVI & IP Camera Tester

MFR PART # 8073

PART # 959341



The CamView IP Pro, Pro+, and Pro-D are designed to facilitate the installation and maintenance of surveillance video equipment. The Tester works with both Standard Definition analog NTSC/PAL camera systems, High Definition Analog, and ONVIF conformant IP (Ethernet) camera systems. Also, the testers provide an RS485 port for PTZ control of analog PTZ cameras and can provide POE for operating IP cameras, or 12VDC (not to exceed 2A) to power analog cameras. The IP Camera Tester allows you to perform E thernet and network tests, capture video (snapshots and video recording), playback video, generate video test patterns for monitor checking and perform analog camera testing. They also allow you to check microphone/audio sources and even provide a brig ht flashlight function. Both recorded images and video can be transferred to PCs or other devices via the USB port connection. The IP Pro (8070) works with IP and NTSC/PAL cameras. The IP Pro+ (8071) supports H.264 IP cameras, as well as NTSC/PAL and A HD 1.0 and HD-TVI 2.0 analog video cameras. The IP Pro-D (8073) supports H.264 and H.265 IP cameras, as well as NTSC/PAL, AHD 2.0, CVI 3.0, and TVI 3.0 cameras. In addition the IP Pro-D has a built-in True RMS multimeter that can measure AC/DC Voltage and Current, Resistance, Capacitance, Diode and Continuity tests. All models: work with ONVIF-enabled IP cameras; have a built-in DHCP server so you can set up IP cameras before the network is even wired; provide PoE and external power for the camera ( up to 12V, 15W); include a Code Book so you can save usernames and passwords of the cameras you frequently access/maintain; feature a full, flip-out keyboard for quickly entering information; capture images, videos, and camera settings so you can crete reports; have TDR cable testing and network testing. All model s come complete with Lanyard, Rechargeable Battery,Tool Bag with Shoulder Strap, POE Power Injector, Network Cable, BNC Cable, RS485 Cable, 12V Power Output Cable, Audio Cable, USB Cable, Screen Protector Film, and Test Leads (Pro-D model only).




  • IP (H.265) and Analog (AHD 2.0, HD-TVI 3.0, HD-CVI 3.0, and NTSC/PAL) security camera tester
  • Provides an RS485 port for PTZ control of analog PTZ cameras
  • POE for IP cameras or 12VDC to analog cameras
  • Ethernet and network tests; Capture snapshots and vdeo recordings; Generate video test patterns for monitor checking


Specification Description

SD Analog Capable
AHD 2.0 Capable
AHD 3.0 Capable
HD-CVI 2.0 Capable
HD-CVI 3.0 Capable
HD-TVI 2.0 Capable
HD-TVI 3.0 Capable
IP (ONVIF only) Capable
H.264 Capable
H.265 Capable
DHCP Server Capable
MJPEG Capable
12VDC Output Capable
POE Outp Testing: Ethernet only
Digital Multimeter
RS485 PTZ Capable
Digital Zoom Capable
Data Monitor Capable
Analog Video Generator
HD Video Generatorup to 1080P 30fps
Record Snapshot Capable
Record Video Capable
Camera Report: IP only
File Export Cayboard: Full QWERTY
Flashlight Capable
Screen: Backlit 4" 16.7M color TFT
Resolution: 800 x 480
BNC Capable
RJ45 Capable
BNC Capable
RJ45 Capable
USB: Mini
Dimensions: 7.5 x 4.4 x 1.5" (190 x 113 37mm)
Weight: 3.5lbs (1.6kg)

TRIPLETT | 8073 | Camera Tester

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$499.99Sale Price
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