360 Degree Wireless Panoramic IP Camera Support IR Night Motion Detection for Home Security

✔ NOTE: 
This Camera only supports 2.4G WiFi, doesn''t support 5G Router. If check if it is available for your HOME Router.
But you still can use it on AP Mode(Mobile APP MODE) without router.
1. This camera have to connect the power when you use it. Cause there is not built-in rechargeable battery supply in the camera.
2. This camera doesn’t support special character in your Wi-Fi password or Wi-Fi name, please change it and re-connect.
3. Following conditions please reset the camera: A)change the Wi-Fi name or password ;B)replace the router ;C)change the user
4. If you have entered the Wi-Fi password and no voice prompt, please ensure the DHCP of the router is ON.

✔How to connect to WIFI?(AP mode)
What is AP MODE? 
AP MODE normally used for monitoring nearby environment such as:Next Room/Baby Room/From Inside Door to Outside Door. Because it has wireless distance limited just like your mobile phone Hotspot WiFi provides signal to the camera

Firstly, Scan the QR code to download the APP, and open it.
Press the reset button once to turn on AP mode.
Connect the AP WIFI in mobile network setting (Device ID start with MV)
Click 'Add Manually' on APP (the Device ID is on the bottom of the camera)
then Press Add to list. ok, this is AP mode, it can work without router.
Press the Settings--Network--Station, Here you can setting your WIFI name and password.
Connect your WIFI in mobile network setting, Now, your camera connected to your WIFI Succeed.

✔How to connect to WIFI?(Router mode)
Press the reset button once, to turn on Router mode.
Make sure Your Smartphone have connected your Wi-Fi already!
Plug in your camera into a power outlet that is close to your router.
Click the Smart-Link configuration on the app .
Enter the correct Wi-Fi user name and password. then NEXT.
They will search for your wifi and your Camera,then they will connect automatically.
Please try to configure more times if fails connect.

✔ Package Including: 
1 x GBD 360 Degree IP Camera;
1 x USB Cable;1 x Charger;
1 x Camera Fixed chassis;

GBD IP Camera 360 Degree Panoramic Fisheye 3D VR Wireless Wifi 2.4GHZ Home Secur

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