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P3717-PLE Fixed Dome IP Camera, 8 MP, 360 IR, 4 Varifocal Lenses, WDR, Lightfinder Zipstream, White

MFR PART # 01504-001  | P3717-PLE

PART # 1004923



AXIS P3717-PLE Network Camera is a compact 8-megapixel camera with four varifocal lenses enabling overview and detailed surveillance. With one IP address and one network cable, the four-camera-in-one unit provides a flexible, cost-effective solution fo r multidirectional surveillance. 360 IR illumination, Forensic WDR and Lightfinder technology provides excellent video quality in any light conditions. Each camera head can be individually positioned (pan, tilt, roll and twist) along a circular track. Remote zoom and focus makes it easy to install and the clear cover, with no sharp edges, ensures undistorted views in all directions. The camera comes with an integrated weathershield.

AXIS P3717-PLE makes it easy to cover four different viewing areas and get high-quality overview and detailed surveillance from one camera. The introduction of remote focus & zoom, 360 degree IR and improvements in imaging has enabled the camera to be mounted in many locations with added-value features. Benefits inc lude high image resolution and true day/night with clear images in low light or darkness.



  • 8 MP, 360 multidirectional camera, one IP address
  • 360 IR illumination and remote zoom and focus
  • Axis Lightfinder and Forensic WDR
  • Flexible positioning of four varifocal camera heads
  • Axis Zipstream for reduced bandwidth and storage needs



AXIS COMMUNICATIONS | 01504-001 | P3717-PLE | IP Fixed Dome

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