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Network Video Recorder, Hybrid, 2U, 16 Analog, 4 IP Camera License, 2 NIC, 200 Mbps Video Recording Throughput, 400 Watt, 6 TB


PART # 719008



  • Manage NVR Licenses Centrally on the Victor Application Server
  • Smart Search Now Auto-Enabled No Configuration Required
  • Analytics Support for Illustrate Cameras
  • Front Accessible Storage Drives that can be Hot Swapped
  • Intuitive Family of Clients EnableVideo Monitoring of Video edge Hybrid NVRS from Almost Everywhere
  • Unique Video Stream Management Offers Superior Video Quality in Constrained Environments
  • Powerful Analytics Save Time
  • Transform Data into Business Intelligence
  • IP Camera Auto Discoveryets System Up and Running Quickly
  • POS Text Integration Helps Identify Fraud and Cashier Proficiency
  • N+2 Failover Redundancy for Worry Free System Operation



VideoEdge Hybrid Network Video Recorders

VideoEdge Hybrid Network Video Recorders (NVRs) allow you to migrate to IP cameras without the cost of encoders. Extend the life of your analog investment and add IP cameras at your own pace. Featuring an advanced open architecture and simple design, the Hybrid NVRs can easily deploy any number of cameras, adding and reassigning licenses at any time.


    Commercial grade sURVIELLANCE & MUCH MORE
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